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Flamink (Flamingo), is a fabulous 2-bedroom cottage with beautiful sea views of the bay and ocean. Only 60m from the beach, here you will be able to feel part of this sought-after, Greek look-a-like part of the West Coast. You will be able to have more than enough time to celebrate life in a relaxed way, where you can take long walks along the most beautiful beach, watch the magnificent sunsets, and see how the colourful wooden fishing boats head out to sea.

One can never get tired of this beach, it remains mesmerizing and serene. Gazing upon this view, the sea is calm and beautiful, a blessing for the soul. An unforgettable time is awaiting you at Flamink!

The popular local saying:
“You can’t choose Paternoster… it chooses you!
And when it calls your name, you’ll know it for sure.”



Dining Room

Main Bedroom

Queen Size Bed

Second Bedroom



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